While MLB & MLBPA work out a deal some details could be issue for Blue-Jays

With the MLB season still in limbo and a lot of details left to be determined some information that has surfaced could spell trouble for the Jays.

According to multiple sources from ESPN and Sportsnet a deal will be voted on by MLB owners today, Friday (March 27).

The deal in question puts forth 170 million dollars in cash advances covering the players salaries for two months.

This money would be guaranteed if the 2020 season goes ahead or not.

While this is a win for the players, the second part of the deal is what will impact Toronto.

Part of the deal being voted on is about the MLB draft.

Proposed is a restructuring of the draft for this season, so that there are only five rounds. This is according to Ken Rosenthal of the Athletic.

With the Blue-Jays holding the 5th overall pick in this seasons draft a restructuring does not mean much, the Jays will still get a premium talent.

This could mean however that the Jays will have to alter their approach for the later rounds in the draft.

The big concern for Toronto with the vote today is the free-agent side of things.

Part of the deal being voted on is that if the 2020 season is lost, players will still accumulate time served with their respected clubs.

This means that Blue-Jays such as Ken Giles could walk next season.

What must also be considered is that this lost season would result in Blue-Jays key players like Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Bo Bichette and Cavan Biggio lose a full season of development and get closer to needing new deals.

Guerrero currently sits on a contract that pays him just over 3 million a season.

While Bichette and Guerrero are pre arbitration.

Both players will be eligible for arbitration in 2022.

This potential lost season for Toronto could be big. With the league having to restructure and revenue going down this could spell trouble for Toronto.

If Toronto is unable to reach salary arbitration in 2022 with Bichette or Guerrero Jr it could see the two enter free agency.

This is a highly unlikely situation but it is a situation none the less.

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