Recording their sixth loss in a row, the Toronto Raptors look to best the dominant Utah Jazz in an attempt to end a massive standings dive. In mid-February the Raptors were finally hitting their stroll. Having crawled back to a positive win record after their early slump, the Toronto Raptors were starting to look like a dangerous team again. Then COVID-19 hit the Tampa-bound team, and everything went sideways.

Since Siakam was pulled from the game against the Heat, the Toronto Raptors have lost eight of their last nine games. Without three of their starters, the Raptors posted the NBA’s fourth worst net rating over these last nine contests. Even with Vanvleet and Siakam available yesterday, the Raps lost to the league’s second worst team, the Detroit Pistons.

Though it is unclear whether OG will be healthy enough to be back, the Raptors should look to post the same starting five as the last game. It is still unclear, however, if Nick Nurse will bring Boucher off the bench against one of the NBA’s most defensive centers. For more NBA and Raptors news, follow us @snkrbox_inc on Twitter.

Despite a surprising OG return and Siakam performance, the Toronto Raptors drop their seventh loss in a row to the recently shaky Utah Jazz. Making up for his poor performance last game, Pascal Siakam finished with an impressive 27/5/9. Only giving up one turnover, Siakam looked like the second team all-NBA player he was last year. Tonight’s game also showcased one of Siakam’s most impressive developments: his passing. Pascal is averaging close to 5 assists this season which is more than one more assist per game than last season. Heading into the trade deadline, the Raptors will have to evaluate their draft opportunities as well as their season aspirations.

For more NBA and Raptors news, follow us @Snkrbox_inc on Twitter.

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