The Jordan ‘Why Not?’ Zer0.3 SE is a loud, high-performance shoe that matches the drip-level of its creator. Russell Westbrook’s latest Jordan model was designed to look fast and play fast. And, as usual, Nike nailed it. With a super supportive ankle and lightweight materials, these Jordan sneakers provide unparalleled comfort and mobility. From the style to the cushioning, these new Nike sneakers are the perfect footwear for your on-court layups and off-court drives. 

Instead of thinking “why should I?”, you should be thinking, “why not?” These comfortable, lightweight Jordan sneakers are great for on-court and off-court use. Its combination of busy and bright styles makes them a bold addition to any outfit. Similarly, their plush ankle collars and responsive Nike forefoot cushioning make the wearer feel as fearless as Russ himself.

Why not buy yourself a pair today by visiting the Nike Store.

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