I love mixing and matching various outfits and pairing them with dope sneakers to achieve a cool, street-style look. Sneakers are an essential part of my wardrobe, in fact they are more like an indispensable part of it. I believe anyone who loves running, walking or hanging around in multicolored, athletic sneakers will say the same. Most of what I wear reflects my personal sneaker style as I am not easily influenced by

what others wear, nor do I believe that if a certain outfit looks great on someone, it will look equally amazing on me. I like experimenting with my clothing and you can totally see that in my sneaker style choices.

My story

My style of clothing is deeply influenced by sports, as you can see! I am also a sneakerhead (why else would I name my company snkrbox!). I have always been involved with sports; if I’m not buying sneakers or trying them on, you can usually find me playing sports! I spent a major portion of my adolescent years looking for the latest sportswear from some of the best, world-class brands like Puma, Reebok, Nike, Adidas and Timberland.

My love for sneakers blossomed over the years largely because of my interest in sports, especially football, basketball and board sports. If I had to name one sport that I would pick over any other, it would be basketball. Since a very young age I have loved playing, and my off court look dictated a lot of my personal style as I grew up. Slowly I started discovering the exciting world of skating and surfing. Vans Chukka is a favourite when it comes to the skate and surf culture.

Advice to new designers

If you aspire to be a new designer, I feel strongly that you need to rely more on your personal style to come up with your creations, than to blindly follow the trends. Of course, you should be aware of what is in and what is not, but as an upcoming designer, you need to be bold and confident enough to break the rules. Uniqueness is what will set you apart from everyone else out there.

Your personal style needs to be inspired by your interest or hobbies and your role models. For me it was Michael Jordon (he taught me that defeats should not prevent one from aiming to win), Spike Lee and Kanye West. Adidas and Nike’s, cultural marketing of the 80’s also played a vital role in my interest in street culture and style, which is reflected in my collection on snkrbox.com, as well as in my personal wardrobe.

Jason Burke being his comfortable, stylish self in United Stock Dry Goods Denims, Snrkbox ACSH Coaches Jacket, Snkrbox Beanie and a Polo Ralph Lauren Flannel, walking down the streets of Queen St W, Toronto, gearing up for his skateboarding practice in a pair of Vans Chukka Decon.

I have just one message for all those who wish to make it big with their innovative designs: keep trying no matter what. My Snkrbox journey has also not been an easy one, but with confidence and hard work, nothing can stop you from achieving what you want.


Mr. Burke

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