A poor craftsman blames his tools. And the NBA stars of the 70s and 80s certainly were not that. From Dr. J to Larry Bird, these now-retro Converse sneakers were once the standard for professional basketball footwear. Now, the Converse Pro Leather Hi’s are a sneakerhead’s guilty pleasure and the quintessential accessories to any alternative musician’s starter kit. If you want a modern take on a blast from the past, get your Converse sneakers at Make Way.

As great as the original Converse sneakers were, they lacked the technology to be a durable and comfortable shoe. Fortunately, Make Way carries Converse’s updated street-ready version with improved design and materials. From the thinner midsole to the responsive SmartFOAM cushioning, this shoe finally feels as good as it looks. Throw in high-quality resistant leather, and you have a pair of Converse sneakers that you can rock for years to come.

Visit Make Way to buy your own pair today.

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