Skincare company Deciem is swapping Black Friday for KNOWvember.

In an effort to stress that skincare purchases are should be based on education over impulse, last November, the Canadian company asked customers to take a step back and shop slowly.

“For us, Black Friday no longer felt like a people or planet-friendly event, and so we closed our stores and websites for a moment of nothingness,” reads a statement on Deciem’s website. This didn’t mean, however, that the company was foregoing the savings for its loyal and growing customer base. So, they offered 23 % off every product for the entire month.

This November, the appreciated 23 % off savings have returned – and so have the awareness initiatives and educational content.

All month long, Deciem will offer a daily dose of insight when it comes to sustainable shopping. The message is loud and clear: buy less, but better. “Hyper-consumerism remains one of the biggest threats to the planet and an urgent change in the way that humans produce and consume products is required,” reads the statement.

In an effort to drive this message home, Deciem will once again go dark on what’s historically known as Black Friday (November 27) – an occasion that has promoted a frantic-like mass consumerism – with its stores and website closed once again.

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