The Toronto Raptors carried over their high-quality effort from Saturday’s game versus the New York Knicks in tonight’s confident end versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. While the Toronto Raptors were neck-and-neck with the Cavs heading midway through the third, the game never seemed out of hand. In fact, as the second half continued, it felt as … Continue Reading

The Toronto Raptors, while dominant and competitive in some parts, showed why they need help from this year’s upcoming NBA draft. Similar to the Raptors’ last game versus the Brooklyn Nets, Toronto’s defence got better as the game went on. Unfortunately, the Toronto Raptors offence wasn’t strong enough to carry them to the end. The … Continue Reading

The Toronto Raptors are in an interesting position despite being a 12th seed in the Eastern Conference. Following the NBA All-Star Break, it seemed like this team’s roster was only five or six men deep. Since then, this team has forged legit NBA rotation players out of Chris Boucher, Malachi Flynn, Yuta Watanabe, and the … Continue Reading

Following the Toronto Raptors previous game versus the Orlando Magic, the team was fined $25,000 for breaking the NBA’s player rest and injury policies. Despite the team’s efforts to tank versus a potential draft lottery opponent, the Toronto Raptors were not only exposed but also won. The biggest challenge for the Toronto Raptors organization is … Continue Reading

The Toronto Raptors are in a very unique position. Despite their best efforts to fall down the Eastern Conference standings, the team above them is doing actively worse. Just two games behind the Chicago Bulls in the loss column, the Raptors cannot afford to make it up to the 10th seed if they wish to … Continue Reading

As bad as the Toronto Raptors have been record wise as of late, the Bulls have be equally terrible. Despite acquiring a two-time NBA All-Star, the Chicago Bulls have gone just 3-7 in their first 10 games post-trade deadline. For a team that was eager to elevate their ceiling and make a run at a … Continue Reading

After finally building some momentum, albeit three wins in their last six, the Raptors have continued to fall down the standings. Since the NBA All-Star break, both teams have had opposite results. The Atlanta Hawks, since the break, have gone an astounding 15 – 5, beating the Raptors by a buzzer-beater three during that stretch. … Continue Reading

After Toronto’s ugly loss to the starless Lakers, it is difficult to imagine the Raptors playing a meaningful game for the remainder of the season. But with the play-in tournament in sight, the Toronto Raptors may be within arms reach of having the chance to compete for a playoff spot. Since the Chicago Bulls acquired … Continue Reading

The Toronto Raptors have had one of the most confusing seasons of any team in the NBA this year. After moving to Tampa, Florida, starting the season early, and losing their NBA Championship big men, it was remarkable that the Raptors were able to recover and return to a .500 win record. As soon as … Continue Reading

In Friday’s historic blowout against the depleted Golden State Warriors, the Toronto Raptors won by an impressive 53-point difference. Siakam, Gary Trent Jr., and Anunoby led the Raptors to this franchise record win – all scoring over 20 points. Pascal Siakam was particularly impressive, dropping 36 points in just 31 minutes of play. Gary Trent … Continue Reading