After last night’s inconsistent effort by the Toronto Maple Leafs, the club should look to rebound tonight with a win versus the burnt out Calgary Flames. While the Leafs were busy acquiring bodies during the NHL Trade Deadline on Monday, the Flames were looking to move bodies for prospects and draft capital. Despite having a … Continue Reading

After finally building some momentum, albeit three wins in their last six, the Raptors have continued to fall down the standings. Since the NBA All-Star break, both teams have had opposite results. The Atlanta Hawks, since the break, have gone an astounding 15 – 5, beating the Raptors by a buzzer-beater three during that stretch. … Continue Reading

Need energy, but want to stay grounded? Why not fuel up with these stimulating bright yellow Adidas sneakers? The new Adidas A-ZX: T-Torsion ZX 5000 represents the letter T in the lineup’s 26 -art series featuring hybrid models representing individual letters of the alphabet. These kicks feature a Kevlar Torsion bar in the outsole, which … Continue Reading