After last night’s inconsistent effort by the Toronto Maple Leafs, the club should look to rebound tonight with a win versus the burnt out Calgary Flames. While the Leafs were busy acquiring bodies during the NHL Trade Deadline on Monday, the Flames were looking to move bodies for prospects and draft capital. Despite having a talented young core and captain, the team from Alberta has not been able to make the impact they were hoping to have at the beginning of the season – or their last three seasons.

As the Flames look to regroup for the new year and build momentum with Sutter behind the bench, the Toronto Maple Leafs should look to extend their division lead as the Oilers and Jets close the distance. While Jack Campbell had his streak broken last night, his team didn’t do much to stop it – especially on the defensive end. Though the Leafs did limit the Canadiens to just 24 shots on goal. Toronto’s d-men gave up a few huge scoring opportunities, most of which Campbell stopped.

Hopefully the Leafs can readjust tonight and keep their legs under them in tonight’s 7:30PM EST showdown between the Flames and the Leafs (-185) on SNO and SNW.

This game had a lot of similarities to last night’s game. The Leafs hung around but were never able to establish themselves offensively. And once again, the power play remained scoreless. The Toronto Maple Leafs’ lack of offence was largely due to the Flames’ excellent neutral zone control. Every time the Leafs broke out, Calgary was there will bodies and sticks in lanes.

That being said, Rittich looked very comfortable and confident in net, and saved the Leafs from a few huge breakdowns late in the Third.

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