The worlds of cannabis culture and sneaker culture are coalescing more and more these days, as cannabis becomes more mainstream. It’s a beautiful thing, indeed. If you’re based in the 6ix, you’ve probably noticed all the cannabis shops popping up at every street corner. The streetwear shop to weed shop ratio is getting pretty close.  … Continue Reading

There may be no passing around of massive joints this 4/20, but it doesn’t mean that the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped the weed-filled celebrations for Canada’s cannabis cravers. Of course, 4/20 – April 20 – is basically the Christmas of the cannabis industry and a celebrated occasion for weed smokers. In better times, 4/20 unites … Continue Reading

Coffee, Cannabis, and Clothing Canada is set to legalize Cannabis for recreational use on October 17, 2018. There’s lot’s to learn and discover about the heavily regulated cannabis industry. It is more important than ever as the application of Bill C-45 continues to evolve daily and province-by-province. In the upcoming weeks, I’m sure there will be … Continue Reading