The Overwatch League (OWL) is the highest level of pro gaming, where the world’s best Overwatch players compete in front of thousands of screaming fans. And, as you might expect, these pro gamers have a very particular sense of style. Sneakers are a big deal, and many players have their own signature sneakers, just like pro athletes in other sports. And, just like those pro athletes, some pro gamers even design their own shoes. The only difference is, gamers are making it big on the sneaker market without a pro sports career to back them up. Whether or not you consider professional gaming as a legit sport, the style of the pro gamers is most definitely legit. 

OWL is more than just a bunch of sweaty pros playing video games. The league is becoming an extension of sneaker culture through team merchandise, which has become a coveted status symbol for e-sports fans. With uniform team colors and logos splashed across caps, t-shirts, and basketball jerseys, sneakers are a way to add unique style. Hip-hop culture is a big deal in e-sports, and this rings true based on the pro-gamer style. 

E-sports merchandise pop-ups draw in streetwear fanatics that aren’t necessarily into e-sports. They’re coming for the shoes. Although the style of footwear worn in the league is pretty tame stuff compared to the often-outrageous kicks worn by sneakerheads, the shoes worn by OWL players are as much of a talking point as the gameplay. This is due to sneaker deals struck between leading video game brands and major footwear brands. Each team has its own custom-made team sneakers to wear on match days. The two most popular sneaker brands among the OWL are Nike and Adidas. There will be many deals like this to come, for sure. Stay tuned.

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