Does Drake have more Sneaker game than PJ Tucker?

It’s a good old fashioned sneaker off.

Drake gave us a little flash of his kick collection yesterday on his instagram story.

OVO Jordan 12’s valued at over $100,000

Drake has a long standing relationship with the Jordan Brand, producing some of the hottest collaborations in recent history.

This is just a sample of Drake’s budding sneaker collection.

While Drake has some of the best collaborations and clearly has a vast sneaker collection, does it stand up to the collection of someone like Pj Tucker?

Pj Tucker is consider the sneaker god of the NBA, rocking some of the rarest kicks in the game on the court regularly.

Tucker has worn everything from the Nike Fear of God’s to the Jordan 1’s on court.

This is but a sample of his sneaker collection. Tucker is an avid sneaker collector and is constantly on the search for the rarest and hottest kicks of the day.

Tucker rocked these Stewie Griffin Lebron’s valued at over $20,000 during a Christmas day game.

The former Toronto Raptor and current Houston Rocket, announced yesterday he will be opening his very own sneaker store in Houston.

So who has the better sneaker collection?

I certainly cannot decide, but it is definitely a fun conversation to have.

What do you think? Who’s your winner?

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