Toronto Blue Jays 6 Baltimore Orioles 5

The Blue Jays won their fourth in a row on Sunday afternoon.

With a walk off win over Baltimore, the Jays increase their lead over the Orioles in the AL to 4.5 games.

Toronto is peaking winning 11 of their last 14 games.

The Jays are playing some great baseball right now, and they are forcing the hand of the front office.

The trade-deadline is 4pm ET on Monday.

Toronto is in need of pitching if they are to make a run in the playoffs.

So what should the Jays do?

Ideally Toronto needs another starting pitcher, but is the price to high to pay?

Do the Jays really think they have a shot at winning this season?

These are all questions the front office will face over the next few hours.

In a shortened season due to COVID-19 anything is possible that is for sure.

So if Toronto does not have to sacrifice the future, it should be a no brainer that they will get a pitcher.

It all just depends on price.

The unfortunate side of the coin is that there is not a lot out there on the market.

The Texas Rangers Lance Lynn is probably the most intriguing but the price is high.

Does Toronto really want to speed up their cautious re-build to take a shot at what could maybe be a run this season?

With the deadline fast approaching Toronto will have to make some quick decisions.

But one thing remains clear.

The Jays have a special roster right now, and a young roster at that.

So its hard to imagine the front office sacrificing any part of that for a maybe.

Whatever the front office decides to do at the deadline, the Jays will look to continue shocking people this season.

Toronto will look to keep its winning streak going on Monday when they play the Orioles at 2:07pm EST.

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