Miami Heat 121, Toronto Raptors 110

The long winning run at Scotiabank finally came to an end last night as the Miami Heat triumphed over the Toronto Raptors.

It was the overtime period that killed the Raptors as they missed nine attempts. The Heat had no such issue and secured the win.

The Raptors had 19 points from Fred VanFleet, while Pascal Siakam registered 15. Norman Powell, however, scored the most points for Toronto as he ended the night with 23.

The Heat had 22 points from Jimmy Butler, while Duncan Robinson was also in great form as he scored 22 too.

In positive news for the Raptors, however, they welcomed back Kyle Lowry for the game as he recovered from a thumb injury that had kept him out for a few weeks.

Toronto host the Houston Rockets on Thursday.



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