Do you remember when the Jordan 1s were banned? Probably not, unless you were alive in the 1980s. Also, if you think they are still banned, you’re clearly reading the wrong info. For a brief period in the early days of Michael Jordan’s career in the NBA, the league had a ban in place, requiring all players to wear sneakers with specific colors and branding to match their player uniforms. 

Around the same time, in 1984, Jordan signed with Nike to create the Air Jordan 1 in red and black. As these shoes did not adhere to the “dress code,” it is rumored that when Jordan stepped onto the court wearing these sneakers, he received a $5,000 fine. Every time. As Nike wanted to maintain these marketing efforts, they apparently covered the costs. 

Since, the league has come a long way. Its progressive values now allow players to wear whatever color, branding, or designed sneakers they choose. Many players use this as a chance to rep social causes and speak out against injustices. 

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