It is hard to explicitly state if a shoe is worth it, because everyone has unique criteria for the perfect sneaker. When it comes to Air Jordans, the same principle applies. Are you looking for comfort? Style? When looking at Air Jordan sneakers, you also need to consider the ample collaborations. The Dior Jordan 1 was selling for around $12,000 on resale sites. In contrast, some other collaborations, like the UNION LA and Travis Scott are less expensive, around $2000-$2500. For many sneakerheads, these collaborations and some of the classic Jordan sneakers are definitely worth it. They can count on superior quality, classic style, and elevated comfort. If these are what you’re looking for in a shoe, then there is no question that you’ll find them worth it. If you are a bit hesitant to buy a pair of Air Jordan sneakers in Toronto at full price, check out some online retailers for special offers. 

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