An American in Paris

For several years Nike has been losing share with their target audience.

Through product innovation, socially conscious advertising, and global reach, Nike has started to find it’s footing in North America again. The company will once again emerge as the winner in the sneaker business in 2018. I want to believe Nike is just getting started and that they’ve discovered the winning formula for engaging multiple demographics simultaneously.

This past summer, I watched a lot of the World Cup tournament with my sports-enthusiastic son. His favorite athletes happen to play for Paris Saint-Germain Football Club. Last week when Nike unveiled that the Jordan brand would be sponsoring the club, it dawned on me – it’s about the essence of Jordan, regardless of the sport of influence.

The debate about Michael Jordan being the GOAT basketball player never gets old. Frankly, most people will never live to see a better basketball player in their lifetime. If you understand the level of greatness that Jordan brought to the court, you can quickly begin to understand how his level of success may motive others, and help them become accomplished in their field of sport, whether it is soccer, tennis, or skateboarding.

I have the same ambitions for my son. I hope he can find his passion, and determine which players to model his technique after, while developing his own unique style. It is also important that he understands the level of commitment and preparation required to be the best at anything.

See below for images from Jordan x Paris Saint-Germain collection:






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