If you’re an avid shoe collector, or even just a casual sneakerhead, chances are you’ve heard of Nike’s SNKRS app. SNKRS is an exclusive mobile app that allows users access to limited edition sneakers, and it’s a huge hit among people who love sneakers. The app is also known for conducting exclusive sneaker draws, where Nike makes available a limited number of special sneakers. If you’re lucky enough to win one of these, it’s almost like winning the lottery.

Sneakerheads no doubt already know about these Nike SNKRS drawings. It’s a way to get a chance to purchase some of the rarest sneakers out there from being first in line. So how do you win? Entering the drawing is simple: the first thing you need is a SNKRS account. That’s how you can enter these contests. And that’s also how you can buy some of the rarest shoes in the world.

Notifications On

The window to join the drawing is only open for a limited time, with a countdown clock to show how much time remaining to join. The drawing is announced over the Nike store’s Twitter account and the Nike SNKRS app. This is why you need to have notifications on your phone turned on, so you don’t miss your chances of entering and ultimately winning.

Multiple Accounts

Members of the app are only allowed to join once per drawing, per shoe style. While you can join other drawings for multiple styles of Nike sneakers, this will not increase your chances of winning. An option is to sign up with multiple accounts, and enter the same drawing multiple times to increase your chances of winning a pair of shoes. 

Whatever you do, don’t feel defeated. The real key to winning is to enter every draw. 

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