What are sneakerheads? In a word: fanatics. And Nike knows just how to treat them right. It’s no secret that the company has built up a loyal following of sneakerheads. So, when Nike introduced its main channel for showing off its limited-edition shoes—SNKRS—it was nothing short of a success.

Launched in 2015, Nike said it wanted to make the app’s experience as addictive as the sneakers themselves. SNKRS is a fan-favourite that’s been downloaded millions of times,  and it’s clear to see why: it’s an easy-to-use, free app that brings sneaker-lovers together, letting them buy and sell limited sneaker releases instantly.  

Through the app, sneakerheads can get access to exclusive products and also showcase their own Nike material.  If you see a pair you like, you can tap the “add to cart” button with one click, and voilà—you’ve got yourself a new pair of shoes. Or, depending on what sought-out shoe you are after, you might end up waiting in line—virtually—for a rare pair of sneakers that may or may not ever drop.

Nike’s digital strategy is to treat everyone the way it treats sneakerheads, who have become a huge part of its business. Nike connects with sneakerheads in a way that’s similar to how Apple connects with its consumers. Apple may have a strong connection with its die-hard fans, but the attachment of a Nike follower is stronger.  Nike’s connection with sneakerheads in part is because of its long history with athletes, and its sneakers are often seen as a symbol of athletic achievement. Nike remains and will forever be deeply involved in the sneakerhead culture, which helps it to better understand its customers and what they want.
Nike’s digital strategy is to treat everyone the way it treats sneakerheads.

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