Last year I fell in love with TIFF Lightbox.

It happened when I took over their Instagram (@TIFFBOOMBOX) account during WMCFW that I learned about the depth of TIFF programming and unique venue for viewing independent films that I quickly fell in love with the venue.

Last week, I jumped at the opportunity to view the film “Kicks” staring Jahking Gilroy, Mahershala Ali and Kofe Seriboe in one of the small cinemas on a Monday night hoping that it would be the perfect small and intimate venue for a cult classic.

Kicks, the film tells the story of Fifteen-year-old Brandon who longs for a pair of the freshest sneakers that money can buy, assuming that  by merely owning and wearing them on his feet will help him escape the reality of being poor; neglected by the opposite sex; and picked on by everyone – even his best friends.

Working hard to get them, Brandon soon finds that the titular shoes which happen to be Banned, Air Jordan 1’s have instead made him a target after they are promptly snatched by Flaco, a local hoodlum. So Brandon goes on a mission to retrieve his stolen sneakers.

The vision I enjoyed most about this film is how modern interpretations meet OG’s elements. Thru mixing the soundtrack with snippets of Nas, Jay Z and E-40 on top of scenes where kids get braggadocios about gun-play on Youtube, the film shows how times have changed since Boy’z In Da Hood yet remain the same.


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