Building a Brand Out of a Person

As a Personal Brand Manager, I have been a part of Jason Burke’s personal transformation from street wear aficionado to style icon and the face of true sneaker style, snkrbox by Jason Burke.

This is Daphne here, and before I talk about the importance of personal branding, I have to give a shout out to the Rihanna line from Puma. I am five months into my pregnancy and staying active and fit is a priority; not to mention stylishly comfortable! I am especially enjoying the Puma Ignite XT (as a sneaker head myself), which is Usain Bolt’s preferred choice of running shoe. It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about running!

Back to brand building! You have to understand that brands don’t get built overnight. It takes time and a lot of patience to build a strong brand that resonates and has lasting power. Traditionally when products became strong, companies became full –fledged brands with an industry identity. But when a person becomes a brand, they become their own message, the face of their style and philosophy. Best example I could think of is Bob Marley and reggae music. He defined the genre and when a person hears a really good reggae song, they automatically assume its Bob or compare it to Bob.

In Jason Burke’s case, his name alone represents sneakers, sports, style and Made In Canada, all as one entity. I work with Jason to showcase him as the face behind the brand snkrbox by Jason Burke; he embodies the values that make the brand what it is.


Mr. Burke

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