Ditch The Suit V While the red carpet calls for a decked up look, my suggestion for men’s clothing in this fall is to give a miss to your suit-staple. Instead let your comfort-classics do all the talking for you. When I spell comfort am thinking of a pair of relaxed denims with another common … Continue Reading

WMCFW Style – Look Number Four A lot of guys tell me how they choose to dress safe in the winter and stick to classic colors like black, blue and gray. I have just one thing to tell them; solid classic colors are great of course, but it does not hurt to add a pop … Continue Reading

WMCFW – Look Number Three With the end of summer, I decided to tuck away my white Reebok Classic sneakers. However, that didn’t last long. As you can see I am sporting my Reebok Classic Sneakers for my third sneaker/suit look for the WMCFW – World MasterCard Fashion Week. For my third look of the … Continue Reading

Look Number Two For Day Two of the WMCFW (World MasterCard Fashion Week), and I had a special surprise (or should I say a Limited Edition) for our readers! A few month’s ago I shared my proud fan moment when I received a pair of the Yeezy Boost’s from Adidas and Kanye West. Well, after months … Continue Reading

WMFW I For the next few days, I will be sharing with you four ways you can style your suits and sneakers. Does the mention of men’s suits and sneakers in the same sentence sound odd to you? Well, that’s the myth I will be busting for the next few days, starting today with the … Continue Reading

Rocked Out In Red Wing Boots In menswear today, everything is possible, so wearing a sweater or crewneck sweatshirt underneath a suit isn’t out of line. It’s much sexier to mix things up- it makes the suit more casual and elegant, and cooler. SUPER Classic, $240

Suit-Up Men There are only a handful of things in life you can truly rely on. There’ll be some bumbling family member who’s always good for a spot on fatherly advice; maybe there’ll be a sturdy old motor that’s never let you down since you won it from your buddy in a drunken Friday night … Continue Reading

Why Corduroy Suits Well, because it is the official fabric of the season. Here are four reasons to sport a corduroy suit this Fall.   Cord suits are rugged and keep you warm, making them the perfect piece of men’s clothing in Fall. One suit and you are good to go – layering needed not … Continue Reading

Suit Up the Athleisure Way I am no Barney Stinson when it comes to men’s suits, but somehow I always feel like a movie star when I wear a well-fitting suit. I always ike to mix and match men’s suits, so you will always find me suiting up in an athleisure way. Even if I wear … Continue Reading

Sneakers Saved My Life Clothes and fashion have always been a big part of my life. After completing my stint in the CFL, I was a part of a number of different clothing brands and companies as Trend Director. I put my skills and sharp eye for fashion and mens suits into brands including Canada … Continue Reading