New Balance has surprised the sneaker world in the past decade, continuously elevating their designs and revealing limited-edition kicks that seemingly blow so many long-favored products off the shelf. Such is the case with the X Snowpeak, a revolutionary sneaker you don’t want to miss. Fresh from the New Balance Tokyo Design Studio and Snow … Continue Reading

The New Balance M5740LB was intended to be a shoe that can literally go anywhere, and New Balance succeeded at this goal. These kicks got their inspiration from the idea of marrying a road running shoe with a trailblazer, for the perfect mix of go-to versatility. The M5740LB is easily one of the most identifiable … Continue Reading

New Balance has a long history of collaborating with creative designers, and this season was no exception. They recently partnered with Tokyo Design Studio to create a shoe as unique as its birthplace. The collaboration resulted in a concept shoe that lets you rock the sneaker in three ways:  a slip-on, a mule, or a … Continue Reading

Saying that the Tokyo Design Studio Niobium from New Balance is a unique shoe is quite an understatement. This drop can be worn three ways, offering year-round weather versatility. When all the pieces come together, the boot even transforms into a warmth-providing winter option. The kick can be worn as slipper-style clogs or tall boots … Continue Reading