If you have time to scroll through Instagram, spend hours at your weekly virtual party, or fill your shopping bag on an online shopping spree, you have time to watch 13th. Actually, even if you don’t have time to do the above things, you should make time to watch the award-winning, free-to-watch Netflix documentary. It … Continue Reading

Adversity, Retirement and Rebirth Episode five and six of the Last Dance ends with the speculation of Michael having a gambing problem. Those accusations come full circle in 1993 when Jordans father is murdered. James Jordan was murdered when he pulled off the road to have a nap in North Carolina. “He was my rock,” … Continue Reading

The Scottie Pippen Effect Episode two of the ‘Last Dance’ chronicles Scottie Pippen’s story and effect on the historic Chicago Bulls teams. Once Michael Jordan joined the Bulls it took just a few short years before Chicago realized Michael needed help. GM Jerry Krause went to work to make the team better. His first move … Continue Reading