After what was an aggressive start by the Toronto Maple Leafs, the NHL’s highest ranked team wasn’t able to establish a consistent offensive rhythm till the game was already out of reach. Following a 2-1 first period lead for the Leafs, and a well-balanced offensive and defensive showing, Toronto fell apart on both sides of the puck and gave up two avoidable goals second; one to a bad Matthews deflection, and one on a worse shift change. 

It felt like the Leafs beat themselves tonight. And combined with Connor Hellebuyck’s Vezina-like performance and the Jets’ above-average defensive effort, a win just wasn’t in the cards for the team from Toronto. Adding yet another loss to the ugly, muted 2020 throwback jersey. Hopefully, the Toronto Maple Leafs can put together a better 60-minute performance during their rematch against Winnipeg on Thursday. For more Leafs news and post-game coverage, follow Snkrbox on Twitter.

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