The Toronto Maple Leafs pay for the price of their late start with their second loss to the Winnipeg Jets in two games. Even with Connor Hellebuyck out of the lineup, the Jets’ goaltending was once again a huge challenge for the Leafs to overcome; only allowing in 2 goals.

But the netminder wasn’t the only problem for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Jets limited the Leafs to just 22 shots through the sixty minutes of play after putting up a 38-shot showing the game before. The Leafs, on the other hand, gave up 32 shots to one of the NHL’s deepest lineups at the forward position.

In losing tonight’s game, the Toronto Maple Leafs put their division rivals within striking distance of the top of the North division. With the Oilers close behind, the Leafs may be in danger of losing the number one seed. For more Leafs news and post game content, follow us  @snkrbox_inc.

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