Newness From Nike

I love sneakers!

I’ve been saying that for years.

Lately, I’ve been so invested in liquidating my sneaker collection that I’ve spent little time writing about sneakers.

Earlier this year, I bought a pair of Nike Vapourmax runners in the Air Max ’95 Electric Green at

I was drawn to the sneaker because I find the fly knit uppers to be the most innovative material that Nike has introduced in years. It felt like coasting into the future with this pair of classic inspired sneakers.

I fell in love with my new runners after only a few spins. I  fully expect them to hold a spot at the top of my rotation until next Spring. That’s when I met the black Nike Vapourmax FK Utility. For a gentleman that prefers a ¾ to a low cut sneaker, the FK take the Vapourmax literally to new heights.

I also safe to say that the FK, a cousin to the Vapourmax, is a modern and utilitarian way to stunt. At $300 a pair, these sneakers have influenced me to reconsider the swoosh, over the Jordan or upstart Yeezy brands.



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