Lovers of the original Adidas UltraBoost, rejoice. A shoe famed for its bouncy resilience has received a face-lift, and ample added cushioning to give your boosts…well, a boost. Offering 5% more Boost than the previous model and 20% more than the OGs, the UltraBoost 21 is upping its comfort game and adding an eco-friendly catch: … Continue Reading

Are you up all night searching for sneaker updates or hunting down limited editions? Some may think you have a problem, but if we’re being honest, you have a gift. Of course, you don’t want to let that gift wear you out, which is why Snkrbox has put together a collection of 2021’s top black … Continue Reading

Are you looking for some limited edition sneakers, but don’t want to pay the hefty price? Or even just regular sneakers? Luckily, tons of places online often have great discounts so that even sneakerheads on a budget can dive into something chic and heavenly. At Snkrbox, we understand the need, the allure, the intrigue of … Continue Reading