When a fan hit up Kanye on Twitter and asked about the possibilities of new colorways on a long-rumored and long-awaited Air Yeezy 2, the rapper responded simply “things r still n the works.” This was enough to get sneakerheads hyped up for a new drop, although no firm details were released. The Air Yeezy 2 SP ‘Red October’ dropped a major twist. The shoe dropped almost out of nowhere, on a Sunday, and with no press or hype beforehand. It just arrived online with no notice in February ‘14, well after Kanye cut all association with Nike. The chaotic release sent fans into a spin, as fans tried to grab their pair of the release of the standout edition of the line. The shoe is monochromatic red, which brings attention to the fine gold lace tips. The shoe ditches the snakeskin texture for rows of pyramid studs.

Head to GOAT and discover the shoe that broke the internet. 

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