A key reason why Adidas Ultraboost 20’s could be so expensive is that the shoe is marketed as both a high-performance runner and a lifestyle sneaker. While Adidas does not explicitly state it is a lifestyle shoe, its collaborations and partnerships with celebrities such as Kanye West and associations like NASA have sprung the Ultraboost into the spotlight, garnering attention from any sneakerheads who want to add them to their collection. Additionally, the shoe has a hefty price tag because of its well-rounded build and modern design. The Ultraboost 20 shoe also has a Prime Blue sole made out of recycled ocean plastic and ample cushioning. The only downside some critique Adidas for is the weight of the shoe. These Adidas sneakers tend to be considered clunkier than others with a lower price tag, so it may not be the best option if you hope to take them on a 10K.

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