Lovers of the original Adidas UltraBoost, rejoice. A shoe famed for its bouncy resilience has received a face-lift, and ample added cushioning to give your boosts…well, a boost. Offering 5% more Boost than the previous model and 20% more than the OGs, the UltraBoost 21 is upping its comfort game and adding an eco-friendly catch: the upper is made from Prime Blue, which is composed of 92% recycled ocean plastic. But wait, these aren’t the only features to get excited about with the UltraBoost 21 sneakers. These provide reliable cushioning. You no longer need to worry about bounce loss in cold weather or the last legs of a distant jog. The UltraBoost 21 just keeps on giving. Bring life back into your step with the all-new Adidas Ultraboost 21, one of the most loved sneakers in Toronto. 

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