Adidas’ success goes far beyond any single model. For decades, Adidas has continued to release inspiring sneakers. With an overwhelmingly extensive catalog of sneakers, these ten have stood out: 

  1. Adidas Superstar
    • Since 1969, a god of classic sneakers. 
  2. Adidas Stan Smith
    • Honors the tennis and basketball icon.
  3. Adidas Samba 
    • This functional soccer shoe debuted in 1950.
  4. Adidas LA
    • In 1984, this model’s debut broke from the trends of the decade. 
  5. Adidas Stockholm
    • The Swedish flag colorway made this an easy seller.
  6. Adidas Trimm Trab 
    • The first of Adidas’s best selling running shoes. 
  7. Adidas Gazelle
    • A visual stunner that foreshadowed the popularity of suede uppers. 
  8. Adidas SL72
    • A staple of Adidas elite traction models.
  9. Adidas Italia
    • The shoe of Roman Olympians. 
  10. Adidas Forest Hills OG 
    • The new and bold tennis shoes. 

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