The adidas YEEZY GOR-TEX sample is the type of shoe you love to hate. But there’s something captivating about the bizarre boot.

Recently, adidas fan page @adisight shared images of what is believed to be one of only three samples of the YEEZY GOT-TEX in existence.

The chunky, utilitarian boot features the waterproof and breathable GOR-TEX fabric membrane – the famous fabric created by the recently deceased Bob Gore – with a red-leaf camouflage print on the upper and a green camouflage across the midsole.

The vibrant boot’s sole is constructed from a black treaded rubber with an adidas YEEZY logo in the middle. A black Sorel-like pull-cord lacing system is used to tighten the boot.

The boots were unveiled during the YEEZY Season 3 presentation at Madison Square Garden, but never made it to market. So, don’t expect to get your hands on a pair, unless they find their way to a future auction and you have the dollars to drop.

In other adidas/Kanye news, the rapper has made his desire to sit on the adidas board clear. Last month, he Tweeted that the first thing he’d do when (or, if) that happens would be facilitate a (very unlikely) collaboration between Nike and adidas.

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