I had my huge fan moment a few months ago when Kanye West, and one of my favorite and best sneaker brands Adidas, trusted me with the amazing YEEZYBOOST 350. I was gifted a brand new pair of these stunning sneakers.
So what did I do next? Did I rip open the cover hastily and take a quick tour around the streets of Toronto in them? Well, I cannot deny, I was tempted to do that, but instead I covered them securely and stored them in my clear acrylic snkrbox shueboxx and put them on ice. I did this out of instinct because I have always valued the importance of a good pair of sneakers and YEEZYBOOST 350 undoubtedlydeserve all the love I have been showering on them. I also realized that these shoes are exclusive and will probably never come around again, so I decided to box them instead.
Just a few weeks back I found out that YEEZYBOOST 350 has one of the highest resale values, as far as current sneakers in the market are considered.
So I must say, not giving in to my temptation did pay off well!

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Mr. Burke

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