The Bulls Dynasty comes to an end The journey has come to an end. The Last Dance is officially the most watched documentary in ESPN history. Episode 9 and 10 take the viewer through the end of the 1998 season and the Bulls sixth championship in eight years. The Bulls take on the Utah Jazz … Continue Reading

Adversity, Retirement and Rebirth Episode five and six of the Last Dance ends with the speculation of Michael having a gambing problem. Those accusations come full circle in 1993 when Jordans father is murdered. James Jordan was murdered when he pulled off the road to have a nap in North Carolina. “He was my rock,” … Continue Reading

The burden of being Michael Jordan was a lot for one man to handle Michael Jordans success quickly made him a cultural phenomenon in the 90’s. With the success of his NBA career coupled with the rise of Nike and Air Jordan, Michaels fame exploded. People wanted to be “Like Mike” in the 90’s but … Continue Reading

Dennis Rodman, Phil Jackson and the Bulls first Championship Before the Chicago Bulls became one of the greatest teams of all time there were hurdles to over come. The Bulls had lessons to learn in order to become a team and develop the heart of a champion. Assembling a championship team is no easy task. … Continue Reading

The Scottie Pippen Effect Episode two of the ‘Last Dance’ chronicles Scottie Pippen’s story and effect on the historic Chicago Bulls teams. Once Michael Jordan joined the Bulls it took just a few short years before Chicago realized Michael needed help. GM Jerry Krause went to work to make the team better. His first move … Continue Reading

Episode one recaps the origins of Michael and the Bulls The time has finally come. The EPSN documentary series the ‘last dance’ premiered Sunday night. The much anticipated documentary from ESPN which can be viewed on Netflix certainly lived up to the hype in episode one. Episode one can certainly be described as an origins … Continue Reading

The anticipated docu-series to air on ESPN and Netflix on April 19th The buzz around the documentary series ‘the last dance’ cannot be understated. For the hoops fans out there this will be must see TV. The series offers a up close and personal look at the 1998 Chicago Bulls. Behind the scenes footage, player … Continue Reading