Coffee, Cannabis, and Clothing Canada is set to legalize Cannabis for recreational use on October 17, 2018. There’s lot’s to learn and discover about the heavily regulated cannabis industry. It is more important than ever as the application of Bill C-45 continues to evolve daily and province-by-province. In the upcoming weeks, I’m sure there will be … Continue Reading

In celebration of this year’s Air Max Day, Nike is set to release a short film celebrating nine of the world’s top Air Max collectors. Entitled Masters of Air Volume 1, the film will explore the passionate stories of these sneaker ambassadors from around the globe, while highlighting their collections and contributions to Air Max … Continue Reading

The Boyfriend Cleanse Thanksgiving is a festive time to spend time with friends and family, with no restrictions in how much you eat. However, soon after Thanksgiving you may regret not having set some limits for yourself. Before you get your workout songs and workout clothes ready to hit the gym, how about a quick … Continue Reading