Kanye West has been busy dropping new Yeezy prototypes on his Twitter page, offering a tease of what we can expect next from the rapper and Adidas.

The unique and futuristic first silhouette is similar in design to the Adidas Yeezy High sneakers, but with a slightly curvier design. The shoes feature a melted metallic gold coating layered over a black knit sock-style upper and an ash-grey outsole. West Tweeted an image of the out-of-the-box shoes accompanied by the caption “Logan’s Run.” 

West also Tweeted a second, more boot-like design that was first introduced during his Yeezy Season 8 show in Paris in March. This unconventional pair features a plastic-like shell, ombre uppers, a textured outsole, and a black sock knit inner layer.

Earlier this month, the rapper released an image of the upcoming Yeezy D. Rose shoes with NBA star Derrick Rose. The clog-like shoe is reminiscent of West’s Yeezy line-up’s existing roster. The eggshell coloured shoe features a ribbed texture throughout, and its unique shape is similar to the recently released Yeezy Slides and Yeezy Foam Runner.

Derrick Rose’s wide, Alaina Anderson debuted the early design via Instagram.

Image via alainataughtyou

West’s designs have been met with criticism in the past thanks to their out-there aesthetic. The latest designs are experiencing the same fate on Instagram, with social media users saying the sole of the shoe resembled a fish, among other things.

What are your thoughts on the new shoes?

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