Kanye West is no stranger to taking to Twitter to announce big plans – whether they materialize or not.

One of the rapper’s most recent ambitions (aside from his appearance on ballots as a vice presidential candidate) – as announced on Twitter, naturally – is to unite Adidas and Nike for a powerful collaboration.

Having been signed to Adidas since 2013, West also has big plans to sit on Adidas’ board. “My first pillar when I’m on the board of Adidas will be an Adidas Nike collaboration to support community growth,” he Tweeted on September 24.

West also has longstanding – though turbulent – relations with the Nike brand; he started his Yeezy sneaker line with Nike in 2009 before joining its rival Adidas. West’s union with Nike was short-lived, and he left the brand over disputes over royalties for the sale of the Yeezy shoe.

Though West has knocked the Nike brand in the past (on social media and in song lyrics), it appears there are no lingering hard feelings. Last month, West Tweeted his praise for Nike’s new ISPA Road Warrior, commenting that the coveted shoes “take me back to my childhood.”

As for his hopes of collaboration between Nike and Adidas, odds are slim that one will come to life – even if West scores that position on Adidas’ board. These days, however, nothing would surprise us.

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