Need energy, but want to stay grounded? Why not fuel up with these stimulating bright yellow Adidas sneakers? The new Adidas A-ZX: T-Torsion ZX 5000 represents the letter T in the lineup’s 26 -art series featuring hybrid models representing individual letters of the alphabet. These kicks feature a Kevlar Torsion bar in the outsole, which helps transmit energy between your toe and heel each time you step. Does this help you to generate electromagnetic fields and produce lightning bolts from your palms? Possibly, possibly not. They do, however, combine functionality and a monochromatic palette, plus the EVA foam cushioning midsole and woven tongue tag allow the Adidas branding to remain an understated yet electric feature. Wear these Adidas sneakers long-term without having to worry about cushion degradation or support-loss. Who knows, you may even find yourself feeling the seismic pulses coming from the earth’s core every time you step.

Step in and fuel up, available at Livestock.

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