Adidas Instigates Sibling Rivalry!

A few months ago, Adidas did something a little unusual, however, I thought it was some brilliant marketing. The company organized an indoor soccer tournament/exhibition of sorts in Toronto, where the crowd had the opportunity to feast their eyes on some mind-blowing soccer skills. The skills themselves were showcased by Adidas’ team of global soccer players, who just happen to be some of the best in the world.

The objective of the tournament was to bring attention to two of Adidas’ newest soccer cleats; the Ace and the X.

The tournament was held inside a studio, where two teams, aptly titled Team Ace and Team X, competed against each other. The winner was not selected purely on the number of goals scored, but rather, their skill set.

In fact, if you were to visit the Adidas Soccer website, you’d come across their marketing tagline that talks about how soccer, like politics, is undergoing change and how success depends on the players who have absolute control and the game changers who break the status quo to make changes. The final tagline says “Pick your side and be the difference”. It’s interesting how Adidas came out with this tagline in time for the Canadian Federal Elections. Coincidence?

As for the shoes themselves, both cleats come with some useful and sophisticated features. The Ace, for starters, is equipped with a Control Heel Fit that provides control and comfort, a 3D surface to provide good absorption and ball control, a stud design that boosts ball to surface contact and a grip that stays tight at all times. Similarly, the X boasts of claws stud configuration for better acceleration and movement, non-stop grip, X-Cage reinforced layers for better control during defense and X-Skin super-light material for easy movement.

The X is being marketed with the image of a rule breaker or anarchist and is meant to be a defense player’s ideal pair of cleats, while the Ace is targeted at the offense player and focuses on the image of a leader or ruler.

If you’d like to get yourself a pair of these cleats, then should be able to help you out. I might just get a pair myself.


Mr. Burke

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