Beanie On Boy

Beanie On Boy Grey Skies. Its cold and windy outside snowfall season is around the corner. I like military patterns and athletic colors mixed with neutral basics to stay uniform and preppy. This Men’s Camo Down Jacket was found at the Pasadena Rose Bowl. The Pasadena Rose Bowl is a fantastic destination to shop for … Continue Reading

Just Do It

While CFL’s rivalries are heating up, the NBA and NHL too are all geared up. Whether you are heading to the stands to cheer and enjoy with your buddies or set for an extensive workout, a wardrobe revamp never goes in vain. Especially when it comes to your comfy jogger bottoms. Take my word for … Continue Reading

How To Fire Up Your Sneakers

How To Fire Up Your Sneakers You know about my love for sneakers, sports and style, but have I ever told you about my love for bonfires? I love building them – not only it is adventurous to set out for a couple of days away from the busy city life, but I also have … Continue Reading

Dress To Kill – Chopping In Chuck Taylors

Chopping In Chuck Taylors What’s the best men’s jacket to buy for the winter? Either a wool pea coat, which is more casual, or a three quarter barn jacket for formal wear. What are the coolest colors this season? Most designers showed camel, burgundy, chocolate and black. 10 Deep Flannel Work Shirt, $45 What is … Continue Reading

Calls For A Cardigan – Rocked Out In Redwing Boots

Rocked Out In Red Wing Boots In menswear today, everything is possible, so wearing a sweater or crewneck sweatshirt underneath a suit isn’t out of line. It’s much sexier to mix things up- it makes the suit more casual and elegant, and cooler. SUPER Classic, $240

Suit-Up Men

Suit-Up Men There are only a handful of things in life you can truly rely on. There’ll be some bumbling family member who’s always good for a spot on fatherly advice; maybe there’ll be a sturdy old motor that’s never let you down since you won it from your buddy in a drunken Friday night … Continue Reading

Shell Jackets, A Necessary Accessory

Shell Jackets, a Necessary Accessory Shell Jackets are all in this season. They are highly functional and offer great all round protection from chilly winds and icy climates. Canada Goose is a brand that has been keeping me warm for many years now, but has been active in the industry for over 50 years. They’ve … Continue Reading

Varsity Jacket, Your Versatile Bet

Varsity Jacket – Your Versatile Bet Once considered staple college wear, the varsity jacket is now popular even amongst young professionals. I really can’t ignore these sporty jackets with their ribbed collars, ribbed cuffs and thick, rounded hems. I have curated this classic preppy fall look with a varsity jacket from the GAP, a United Stock Dry Goods pair of jeans and … Continue Reading

Just Wing It

Just Wing It I am not sure how many of you guys have worn, or even heard of, Red Wing boots. My first encounter with the boots came when I was on a trip to the UK. They are amazing! The mostly leather work boot style is sure to last a lifetime. The boots are … Continue Reading

Why A Corduroy Suit

Why Corduroy Suits Well, because it is the official fabric of the season. Here are four reasons to sport a corduroy suit this Fall.   Cord suits are rugged and keep you warm, making them the perfect piece of men’s clothing in Fall. One suit and you are good to go – layering needed not … Continue Reading