Hamilton Tiger-Cats 38, Toronto Argonauts 27

The Toronto Argonauts once again entered half time in a leading position with double digits, only for the Argos to falter in the second period and allow their opponents a route back into the game.

It was another game, and another defeat for the Argos. Toronto fans would have been having a feeling of déjà vu. It is the second consecutive weekend that the Argonauts have squandered a half time lead.

This nightmare season added a whole new chapter on Monday, as a terrible second half saw the Argos squander a career-high game from receiver Derel Walker as they dropped to nine defeats out of ten for the entire season.

For the second week running, Toronto let a double-digit halftime lead slip away in the fourth quarter. This meant that they lost their third straight game and all but ending their season.

The best the Toronto Argonauts could finish now is 9-9, but fans would already be knowledgeable to know that the chances of this happening a near impossible judging from what we have already seen this season.

Dane Evans led the comeback in the second period. The Hamilton quarterback passed a career-high 442 yards while improving to 5-1 as a starter.

Meanwhile, Evans and Bralon Addison connected for two touchdowns, one to kickstart the comeback and finish the Argos off.

McLeod Bethel-Thompson had a competitive game for the Argonauts as he passed for 337 yards and secured two touchdowns. The Argos’ touchdowns in their dominant first half were scored by Derel Walker, Trumaine Washington and Quadarius Ford.

The efforts of these Argos players ensured that Toronto had a 24-11 lead at halftime, but that counted for very little after the game.



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